Apple announces a launch event for September 15.

Apple has recently tweeted about their new announcement which they will be made on September 15. It was a tweet that used the #AppleEvent, confirming the product launch announcement. To confirm things, another announcement was made by Greg Joswiak, Apple’s SVP of Marketing, who tweeted a teaser for the event that will take place on September 15. The launch event has been tagged with the “Time Flies” tagline. It gives the media a hint on what Apple is planning to launch at the event. 

It is expected that the tagline is mentioned for their new Apple Watch 6 series which will be launched at the event. It is also expected that a more affordable version, which will be an upgrade to Apple watch series 3 will also be launched in the same event. Now the conflicts have arisen in people’s minds as to what all will be launched in the event. It was earlier expected that the new range of iPhone 12 will be launched in an event in October. However, looking at the event on September 15, there are speculations that the company can launch a variant of their phone now and another variant of the phone in October. 

People also expect Apple to showcase and launch their new range of tablets, such as iPad Air, which is expected to bring a lot of new design elements from iPad Pro. We might also get a glimpse of the new HomePod speakers, Over the ear headphones, and new Apple TV hardware. The event kicks off on Tuesday, September 15 at 10 AM PDT via the Livestream event.


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