Apple adds new payment methods like RuPay, UPI, and net banking for Indian users

Apple has only been accepting credit and debit cards as a form of payment on the App Store. Due to this, the App Store users had a very limited amount of payment options. However, in a recent update, Apple’s App Store has now added more payment methods for the Indian users which include RuPay, UPI, and net banking. The same payment methods have now also been added to iTunes for making a digital purchase. Apple has also set up a dedicated page for the users which would further provide them with more details on how the new payment method works and the users can avail themselves easily. 

To do so, the company has requested users to update the Apple device to the latest software version which would also include the new changes. To add the payment method, simply update your device and then go to Setting>>Payment and Shipping>>Select to add a new payment method. Once added, all the new and existing payment methods will be linked to your Apple id, through which you can use it on any Apple device. 

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It had been a long time since Apple had not added any new payment method to its platform since its arrival in India. Also, since UPI and other payment methods have been adopted by almost every e-commerce identity in India, it was a must choice for Apple to do so. The percentage of users using UPI and net banking for payment have also increased substantially for the last couple of years. 


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