Apple might upgrade the rear camera lens to 48MP in iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 13 is the latest offering from Apple which has seen a great response from consumers all over the world. It has only been a little while since the launch and the rumors for iPhone 14 have started coming in over the internet. As per the new details that have been leaked on the internet, Apple could be looking to change the primary camera lens on the iPhone. The company has been using the primary 12MP camera lens on the iPhone for a long time now and it is expected that it will be replaced with a 48MP camera lens in the iPhone 14.

As per the details from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the 48MP sensor would still give 12MP images after pixel binning but would provide more data for computational photography. Also, Apple might add a feature where the users are able to take images with 48MP resolution. Another detail also confirms that Apple will add the periscope lens on the iPhone 15, which is due to arrive in 2023. Another feature we might see an improvement on is the telephoto lens which currently max outs at 3x only.

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It might look like Apple is way behind in camera technology when compared to Android smartphones, but the technology Apple is trying to use behind it is complex. We hope to see some major camera upgrades in the iPhone 14 along with improved satellite call features as well. It would be interesting to see the choice of Apple in terms of the Camera lens in their future smartphone.


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