Apple might discontinue iPhone XR after the launch of the iPhone 12

Apple has been prepping up for the launch of the new iPhone 12 this year, which is suspected to happen in October 2020. However, the next set of news was something no one was expecting to hear from Apple. Apple is planning to discontinue the iPhone XR smartphone in September, however, no official announcement for the same has been made yet. The discontinuation might happen as soon as the new iPhone 12 model hits the Apple stores. The decision might have been taken due to the outdated hardware and less demand for the phone. 

The iPhone XR model was debuted in the year 2018 and since then has been known fro providing a good value for its cost. The device shared a lot of goof features with the like of iPhone XS. But in terms of sales, the phone did not put a good number when compared to the iPhone XS. Also, after the company released iPhone 11, the sales of this handset seem to be decreasing further, as people are ready to buy the new iPhone model instead of this. The new iPhone models have a better camera, newer chipset, and a lot of new features to support, such as better battery life. Due to this issue, the sales have been constantly decreasing for the XR model. 

Therefore, if you see it from Apple’s perspective there is no need to continue with this model any longer as it is also affecting the sale numbers for the newer models. Apple will soon be giving an official confirmation for the discontinuation of the iPhone XR model, until then we can only wait for their announcement.

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