Apple threatens to terminate the developer account for Epic Games by August 28

After removing Fortnite from both Google Play Store and App Store, Epic Developers have been in a constant battle of words over the dominance that Apple has over the market. The issue started when Epic Games added a direct payment option on both their iOS and Android platforms. Since Google Play Store and App Store charges a 30% commission on the in-app purchases, they only prefer using their own Apple and Google payment methods in the app.

Due to the payment options issue, both the platforms removed the app, making it only accessible from the Epic developers website. The issue was also openly supported by Facebook, where Facebook also agreed about the monopoly of Apple. Now another detail has been provided by Epic games that Apple has been threatening to terminate the Epic games developer account by August 28, which would lead to the company being cut off from iOS and macOS development tools.

The account termination notice was sent as per the antitrust feud between the two companies. However, Epic Games have mentioned that they have appealed to the court to stop this retaliation. As per Apple, the app from Epic game developers was found to be violating of many other terms under the Apple Developer Program membership, which if not corrected in 14 days, can lead to account termination.

The same information has also been given by Apple in the court filing. Cutting of Epic’s access to the Mac and iOS development tools will affect all the games and apps that use Spic’s Unreal engine. As per Epic games, the decision o termination should be put on hold or stopped unless the issue is resolved in the court.


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