Apple discloses that Epic Games wanted a special deal to create their own game store.

The Apple-Epic issue has been long going after Apple removed the Fortnite app from the App Store. Ever since then, both the parties have been trying to justify there part where Fortnite says that Apple is trying to use their power and monopoly in the app market and Apple is trying to blame Fortnite for not following the terms and rules of the App Store. The issue started when Epic games added their own payment option instead of using the Apple Payment platform for in-app purchases. Due to this, the app was removed from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Now Apple has made a new claim where it says that Epic Games’ chief executive asked for a “side letter” or “special deal” to create its own game store withing the iPhone maker’s app, which was against the commission-based business model run by App Store. The disclosure was made in a court filing where the court was requested to reject the request of Fortnite maker to be kept in the App store. Apple claimed that the payment platform issue with Epic games is a part of broader business disagreement dispute. Unless Epic games do not comply with the payment rules, the app will not be published on the App Store.

Recently Apple has also warned Epic games about the termination of developer account, which would hamper all the games and apps that run on the Epic games Unreal engine. Apple also said that the removal of the game was a “self-inflicted wound” by Epic. The claim that Epic already knew that they were in breach of contract while their own payment platform was launched.


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