Apple TV is now coming to Xbox Series X and S.

Apple TV has been one of the most important products as a part of the services that the company provides. Recently, Apple has announced their new tariff plans for the users which are much more affordable as well. In an attempt to expand the reach of Apple TV to consumers, the tech giant has seemed to join hands with Microsoft. Microsoft has now released that all the entertainment streaming apps that will be launched in Xbox series X and Series S, will also include the Apple TV streaming services. 

It would be the first time that Apple TV has made its entry in the console market and the same will be available at the time of the Xbox launch on November 10. Since Microsoft has been trying to make a seamless transition from Xbox One to Series X and S, they are also bringing forward all the entertainment apps along with it. Some of the most common entertainment apps on the Xbox One like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Spotify, YouTube, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, will be transferred to the new generation of consoles as well. 

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It’s not just Xbox, it does seem like Playstation will also be working on the same kind of lineup for their consoles as well. Therefore, it would not be a surprise if Apple TV comes on the Playstation console as well. This seems to be a great step forward from Apple, as integrating their streaming services with gaming consoles will increase their reach to more customers.


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