Apple adds a new update to Facetime in iOS 15 upgrade, the beta version of Facetime with new features now available

Apple announced that Facetime is going to get a lot of new features in the iOS 15 upgrades. The announcement was made in WWDC in June and it seems like the features are soon going to be launched on the new iPhones. The new features that have been added to Facetime are more likely inspired by Zoom. The new updates bring major changes to the platform like hosting virtual parties, using the app on multiple platforms like Android and Windows, etc. 

The public beta for the same is available right now and can be tried on iOS devices. However, Apple always suggests backing up the phone before installing and using any kind of beta application. Apple will most probably introduce the stable version of the feature by the end of the year. Apple is trying to make Facetime a virtual place like other video calling apps for friends to hang out with each other. One can simply generate a link for virtual parties and send it to all friends and family which the users want to join. Also, since it will be available on Android and Windows now, the users will be able to communicate through Facetime with cross-platform users. 

The link can be open through the web browser or any other device. The new iOS 15 update will also bring a spatial audio isolation function for Facetime which helps in cutting down the background noise, providing clear audio for the users. Similarly, Apple will now allow users to use portrait mode in the Facetime call. All this and much more is already available in the beta version of the app and if you want the stable version of the app, you will have to wait a bit more.


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