Apple to upgrade camera sensors on iPhone 13 series

When it comes to an iPhone, apart from the ecosystem and operating system, the camera has been one of its biggest selling points. This year, Apple is going to launch the all-new iPhone 13, and this time, we can expect a big change in the camera sensor for the smartphone. iPhone 12 series did not see a major upgrade in terms of the camera when compared to iPhone 11. However, iPhone 13 will have a major upgrade, especially with the ultra-wide-angle sensor.

It might be a possibility that Apple changes the fixed focus on the camera with autofocus. The changes in the camera and the upgrade will be available in the Pro version of the iPhone 13 series. Due to this, the users will be able to adjust the lens to focus while using the camera. The changes in the camera hardware are going to change the image quality and will bring sharper results. It will make sure that the iPhone takes a lead in the camera segment which is currently ruled by Samsung.

Apart from this, Apple is also going to make changes to the regular iPhone models and their camera setup. The camera sensor will also have a much better performance in low light conditions and Apple has already started the shipment of the required hardware for the new camera upgrades. With iPhone 13, Apple could also be launching an iPhone 12S which will be an improved version of the iPhone 12 and will come with a new processor altogether. We can expect the new iPhone to launch by the end of September or early October.

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