Apple Watch 7 to be launched alongside iPhone 13, but with limited availability

Next in the series of wearables from Apple would be the Apple Watch 7. However, there is a lot of speculation online whether it would be released in September or would be delayed. A few days back, reports came in that the production of the Apple Watch 7 might be delayed due to some issues in the first production test. Apple was supposed to discuss the issue with the designers and the suppliers of the Apple Watch components for the same. 

It seems like the issue still persists but the company is going to carry on with the launch of the Apple Watch 7 on the usual schedule in September, along with the iPhone 13. Although Apple has not confirmed any date, it is very likely that they would be making the announcement for the same. The news online claims that Apple will launch the Apple Watch 7 with the iPhone 13 however, its availability will be limited due to manufacturing issues

Apple might be shipping different quantities of different variants in the Apple Watch 7 to deal with the demand and supply. Since Apple Watch 7 has a different display and body design with certain modifications, the manufacturing process is facing minor issues with the components. It is also said that it might be a possibility that Apple Watch 7 brings in a sensor for blood pressure monitoring, but it is still not confirmed. What Apple has been planning for their Apple Watch 7 will soon be revealed in the launch in the coming days.

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