Apple’s Safari browser gets support for Google Stadia.

After Google and Microsoft denied moving their online gaming platforms on the App Store, Apple made a lot of different changes to its App Store policies to provide more relaxation to the app developers. Although it did not change the decision of Google and Microsoft, as they believed the changes made by Apple were not user friendly, the company is trying its level best to bring both the online gaming platform to Apple. In the series of doing so, Apple’s Safari browser added support for the Google Stadia controller in beta. 

In the latest preview version for macOS. support for Google Stadia was noticed. It seems to be very unbelievable for Apple to do so as a few days back both the company was not on a common term. However, it seems it might have happened due to the launch of Amazon’s online gaming platform Luna as Luna runs as a web app on iOS, which Amazon worked directly with Safari engineers to develop. The changes in the safari browser make it seems like Google and Apple might have come on some common terms that allowed the Apple engineers to add Stadia support in the Safari browser. 

Although nothing has been announced by both the companies, the settings such as HID-based support can be seen in the Safari browser changes, which is also a requirement for Google Stadia. It was also revealed recently that iOS 14 on the iPad can easily run Google Stadia. It seems like both the companies are working in the background and we will soon get more information through the official announcement.

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