Apple might be working on a new search engine to compete with Google.

When it comes to searching for anything on the internet, the first thing or name that comes to our mind is Google. Google search engine has been one of the most popular and accurate search engines in the world and there has been no competitor that has come close to dominating Google search. But it might not remain that way too long. It seems that Apple is building its own search engine to use on its devices. Apple has been paying billions of dollars to Google for making them the default search engine on their device. Apple is thinking about creating their own search engine and saving the money they have to spend every year.

The first hint towards this came through Coywolf’s John Henshaw, who mentioned that Apple has been hiring search engineers for the new tasks and Apple Maps. The company has also updated its web-crawler support page (Applebot), with new information on rank results. It means that Apple has started to increase the crawling of the sites recently. Currently, Google search has about 95% of the search engine market, but the recent antitrust issues that have been rising against the company seems to make things harder for Google and Apple is surely taking the right step to have their own search engine on their device.

If Apple is truly working on making a search engine competitor for Google, it could be really interesting for people to finally get an alternative for Google, through a company that is as big and has the resources to match Google’s search engine resources. Although, it is still not clear and would be speculative to talk about it as to how much work Apple has already done into the platform. However, the way Apple has been taking care of data and users’ privacy, it seems like tough competition for Google is about to enter the market.

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