ASUS Rog Phone 3 gets bypass charging feature with new update.

ASUS Rog Phone 3 is one of the most popular gaming phones in recent times. The gaming phone is not only popular because of its gaming performance, but also due to its strong performance and its unique features which it brings in for the gamers. In order to enhance the gaming experience of the users, ASUS has recently rolled out an update for their smartphone which provides the Bypass Charging feature as well. The new feature can be activated during the gaming session where the phone is on charging while being used for gaming. 

The feature will not only try to extend the life of the battery pack on the phone but will also give a better battery life. Apart from this feature, the new update also brings in fixes for display brightness irregularities, display quality improvement when playing video, and certain calling issues. The version code of the new update is version number 17.0823.2008.70 and is at least 200MB in size. If you have still not updated the phone to this version, then it is suggested that you should do it immediately. It also includes the latest security patch from Android for September. 

The Bypass Charging feature will be a great addition for gamers, as regular gaming and discharging of the battery reduces its health in the long term. However, this feature will make sure that the battery remains the same and further improves with gaming on this phone. The feature can be enabled by quickly toggling it on in the Game Genie app overlay while gaming or you can also fine-tune it by heading to the ‘Battery Care’ section that is hidden under Settings>Battery>Power Master. Once activated, the phone will directly take the power from the charger, without discharging the battery. Therefore, there will be no effect on the battery while gaming.


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