The user data of Battlegrounds Mobile India are sent to the Chinese servers

Another interesting piece of news about Battlegrounds Mobile India or popular online mobile game PUBG seems to be in the air. The game was banned from India last year due to data privacy issues in the Chinese apps. Due to this, Krafton had to drop Chinese published Tencent and had to create a new game especially for the Indian users with strict rules for data privacy and have no association with the Chinese companies. 

However, the new version of PUBG, also known as Battlegrounds Mobile India, seems to be getting all the user data about Android smartphone users through a Chinese server. Krafton said that the data of the users will be stored in the servers. However, the data seems to be sent to Krafton from multiple servers, two of which belong to China Mobile communication and Tencent run Proxima Beta in Hongkong. Apart from that, the company is also using servers from Mumbai, the US, and Moscow. The terms from Krafton state that the data will only be saved to the servers based in Indian and Singapore. 

However, it does not fulfill the condition and seems to be an issue that could affect the gaming company. The company has not responded to it and it does not seem like they would be answering this doubt for the users. Tencent is currently the second-largest shareholder in Krafton and removing them completely from the game does not seem to be possible for them. It is why the Chinese servers are known to be still connected to the game. However, they will not store the details but will forward them to Krafton.


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