PUBG India will have global ID’s transferred to the Indian version

It’s all-out now that PUBG will soon be making a comeback in the Indian market after the app was banned along with 115 other Chinese apps in India a few months back. Although the company has broken the relationship with Tencent for the Indian market, they would still have to follow all the government guidelines in India to make sure that they get the nod from the government to finally be in action. PUBG has already announced that they will be introducing the game again with a lot of new components that have been specially designed for the Indian users. 

Now, as per the latest news, the company will also be taking a lot of components from the global version of PUBG, apart from the new components, and will be making them a part of the Indian version of the game. PUBG Mobile IDs will be transferred from global to the PUBG Esport Indian gaming community. Also, the users will have their skins and in-game purchases from the global version to the Indian version, which would allow the users to retrieve all their purchases made in the previous version that has now been removed. 

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It has also been confirmed that the servers for the game will be situated outside India and will be available on Microsoft’s Azure platform. The company has already confirmed that there will be no major changes in the gameplay except a few cosmetic changes. Meanwhile, all the migrated Indian gamers ID will bring back the past rewards, achievements, PUBG Mobile Indian UC, tiers resets, skins, 2-2 rename cards, frames, and other cosmetics. 

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