Battlegrounds Mobile India soon coming to iOS devices

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now coming to iOS and it is expected that the launch will not be happening until late July. Currently, the game is only available for Android devices and since its launch in India, it has already registered millions of downloads. The company did claim that the iOS version of the game was in development and was still being refined. Krafton has not confirmed any date as to when the game will be launched for iOS users, but July seems to be the month for the launch. 

Before this, iOS users were heavily disappointed by the lack of an iOS version for the game, but it seems that Battlegrounds Mobile India is finally ready for iOS users. PUBG had a vast majority of iOS users for the game and without an iOS version this time, it was still lacking in the number of players on its platform. Apart from that, the game came almost after a year to the Indian market, and as soon as it was launched, it received a big response from the PUBG Fanclub. 

The game is one the way to become one of the most popular games again in its genre and after the release on iOS, we are sure to see a large rise in the popularity of the game again. For now, we can only wait for Krafton to confirm the official launch date for the game so that iOS users can enjoy it as well.

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