Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is running a 24-hour security system to find cheaters and hackers in real-time

A few days back, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) made an announcement confirming that they have banned over 1,90,000 accounts in just a couple of days due to cheating and the use of hacks and other illegal tools in the game. This was meant to be a notice to everyone that Krafton will not allow any kind of false gameplay in BGMI. Since then the company has been revealing the game servers for 24 hours and is making sure that any issue can be identified and resolved in real-time. Krafton has recently posted on their website, confirming that they will soon be bringing new features to the game, such as bonus packages, Hindi language packs, and prime subscriptions. 

However, the company has confirmed that its main area of focus right now is on providing a gameplay platform that is free of hackers and cheaters. For this, the company is running a 24-hour security system that automatically bans any kind of illegal accounts immediately. The company has been sending notifications every week to all users about the number of accounts banned in the game. They also confirmed that they have been searching social media platforms and video platforms like Youtube to find any person that is offering a hack tool for the game. 

When found, it is immediately blocked, and also the users in the gameplay can report it while playing the game through the in-game settings. Krafton will soon be adding new features to the game as well in an update and have also confirmed that a working emulator for this game on PC is not on their minds right now. It is because they want to limit the chances of illegal actions such as falsification.


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