BlueMail back on Playstore after being Kicked out

Blue Mail is one of the most popular Email clients on Google Playstore and Android phones. However, recently, the app was removed from the Playstore for unknown reasons, leaving the app users in a state of surprise. The app was not visible in the search results of the Playstore and left users in confusion behind the reason for it.

As per the app’s parent company, called Blix, the move was made as Google has been fighting ongoing antitrust investigations on Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. As per Blix, the app has been existing on Playstore for more than six years, and removal of the application without any prior notification was not right. Also, Google did not let them know about the reason as to why it was done.

However, Google did inform BLix about the reason, which was due to BlueMail Copying another app. As per the latest update, the app is now back on the Playstore after being unavailable for almost 15 hours. As per Google, BlueMail had similarities to the TypeApp mail app, due to which the app was temporarily removed from the platform.

After a thorough review of the app, it was made a life for users to install it. Both companies have conveyed the message and thanks for their support and asked any other developers about a similar issue being faced. One thing that came out from this issue was that it was not related in any way with the ongoing antitrust investigation against Google.

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