Call of Duty: Warzone could soon come to a mobile platform.

When it comes to mobile games, PUBG is one of the most popular in its genre and is also one of the most popular games ever. However, after the ban of Chinese apps in many countries, the game is currently seeing a downfall and is trying to regain its position back in the market. However, apart from PUBG, Call of Duty has also been a very popular Battle Royale game and a perfect alternative for players. 

For all those Call of Duty franchise fans, the good news is about to come their way. Activision launched their online free to play Call of Duty Warzone just a couple of months back. It allowed players from all around the world to use their system and participate in the battle Royale game. The game is currently available on console and PC, however, the latest job listings on Activision suggest that they are looking for people who can help with developing the game for mobile devices. Therefore, we can definitely hear Call of Duty Warzone coming to mobile devices in the near future. 

The position was Executive Producer, Features, to work on “WZM“, where WZM could be Warzone Mobile. The game already has a whopping 75 million players online on its database and it is increasing day by day due to the popularity and the ultimate gameplay experience that it provides to the user. If it comes on mobile platforms, games like PUBG are going to face serious competition as the game would allow players to play on all platforms, similar to like PUBG. 

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