Call of Duty Mobile may take over the position of PUBG.

It has been a long time since PUBG was banned in India, in the movement where the Indian government was banning any Chinese application which posed a threat to national security and was found sending the data of Indian users to China. Ever since the ban, players have been expecting the company to make a comeback by having an association with an Indian company. In the past, there had been leaked details about PUBG trying to associate with Jio and Airtel as publishers to make a comeback. However, nothing fruitful has yet appeared. 

In the meanwhile, gaming apps like Call of Duty mobile have picked up the pace and have provided the player with a similar kind of experience. Earlier, people were hesitant in accepting the game as an alternative for PUBG. Now it seems that Call of Duty mobile could surpass the dominance of PUBG in India. It has been a lot of time since the ban and the craze for PUBG has started going low. Also, Tencent is going to release Call of Duty mobile in the Chinese market, where it already has 50 million pre-registered users and the endorsement of Chinese King of Pop Jay Chou. 

Earlier the game was blocked by the censor board in China for its violence and gore. However, it seems that Tencent has removed the objectionable blood and gore from the game and now will be made available to the Chinese market. With the growing market in India and other countries and released in China, it could be an easy possibility for the game to become even larger than PUBG. Since many countries are now hesitating and banning Chinese apps, Call of Duty Mobile is going to score big in that regard.

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