Carl Pei to announce Nothing Ear, true wireless earbuds on July 27

We all know that after Co-Founder of OnePlus Carl Pei left the company, he formed a new company with the name Nothing. Now the company will be announcing its first product on July 27, 2021, which will be a true wireless earbud, with the name “Nothing Ear”. The launch was supposed to happen in the month of June and now has been delayed a month ahead of the schedule. The reason behind the delay was that a few things about the product were still left to be finalized. 

There is not much information about the earbuds for now, but things that are confirmed about it are the stripped-down aesthetic design of the earphones and the transparent body design which allows the users to see the inside of the earbuds. The products have also been made in collaboration with Teenage Engineering. Carl Pei has already confirmed that these earbuds are the first product category that they are going to explore. However, they will further launch more products in the future in different segments. 

The ultimate vision of Carl Pei is to build an ecosystem of multiple devices where different types of devices are connected with each other in the Nothing ecosystem. So for now, the company is trying to create more and more products in different categories and it might not be long when Carl Pei decides to launch a OnePlus rival smartphone in the market. It is expected that that will soon be a reality and in the meanwhile, we can also expect a lot of consumer products to be launched by them.


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