Consumers expect a lower price tag on OnePlus 9 next year.

OnePlus has undoubtedly been one of the most popular smartphones in the market ever since its launches and has been giving tough competition to other premium flagship companies. However, after the release of the OnePlus 8T and many other competitor phones launching along with it, the OnePlus fanbase was actually confused if the brand is still standing on the principals, due to which it became popular. The initial tagline of the brand was “Flagship Killer“. 

The reason behind selecting this tagline was that the brand would be providing the same quality and hardware specs to the consumers at a much lower price, for which they have to spend almost three to four times the amount. However, over time, the phone has become more powerful and also costlier, making it cost equal to some of the new premium flagships. Due to this, a poll was conducted for smartphone users, asking them as to what should be the USP of the new ONePLus 9 model, which will launch next year. 

It was very surprising to know that most of the people selected “lower price” as the main feature or USP they would like to see in OnePlus 9. The OnePlus series starts from $699 for OnePlus and going up to $900 for Pro models. However, looking at the stats, it might be possible that the phone goes up to $1000 in a couple of years, making it almost equal to the Samsung and Apple series of smartphones. Due to this, people are expecting new features in the OnePlus 9 and a more affordable price range.

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