Dual Screen Windows Manager coming for Surface Duo

Surface Duo is one of Microsoft’s most expected devices, which will be launched later this year. A lot of rumors and information has already been leaked before the release of the product. As per the new update, Microsoft is planning to add support for Google’s Jetpack Windows Manager to the Surface Duo, which would allow developers to code to a cross-device API, which would work as well on the Surface Duo as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Using these features, the developers will be able to two elements of the folding screen, display feature, and device state.

The display features API will let developers know about any disruptions in the continuous screen surface, such as folds, hinges, curved areas, or cutouts, and adapt their app layout to avoid these. It would help the developers detect the hinge state, which can be open, close, or partially open or closed. It will be very useful for app developers as well, as it would allow them to create new applications that can be universal. Microsoft has the choice of selecting Surface Duo SDK, which is ready for deployment or decides on a migration strategy to the Foldables Jetpack library provided by Google.

However, the Google library is currently in the Alpha stage and would require some time before it is fully prepared. If the company decides to use the Google Jetpack library, it will be a problem for all the app developers who are already using the Surface Duo SDK, but using Google’s platform will open a bigger product dimension.

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