Microsoft is soon coming with its Surface folding phone

Folding phones has been a very recent trend among smartphone companies that are still trying to find its space in the market. With foldable phones from Samsung, Motorola, and Huawei, the market of foldable phones has just started picking up the pace. However, there are still many issues that the foldable phone market is facing, and it is something that companies will refine over time.

In the race of foldable smartphones, I might soon see an offering from Microsoft under development for a long time. The device was called the Microsoft Surface Duo, a foldable smartphone, and will run on the Android operating system. 

The phone is almost complete, and after various rounds of perfecting and testing the technology, it might finally be announced and launched in a few weeks. As per Gizmodo’s information, Microsoft filed papers for the Surface Duo with the US Federal Communications Commission, and it also sought Bluetooth SIG certification.

The launch is expected to be in Holiday 2020, which is also when the company will be launching its next-generation gaming console. The phone’s information also revealed a few specs like the 5.6-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, and the operating system Android 10. As per the company, the device cannot be called just a phone. 

The kind of functionality it will provide will be much more than what a phone can. It will land somewhere in between a phone and a large tablet. Microsoft is expected to bring in many different and new features in the device, and it is expected that its foldable device would not have any issues found in the foldable phones for other companies. Until then, the company will probably launch the device somewhere around October, but we will still be waiting for their official announcement.


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