Elon Musk is all set to provide high-speed internet through Starlink Public Beta.

When it comes to having internet services, all would agree to the point that internet services have become a lot cheaper over the last few years and are continuing to get cheaper due to the increased competition. However, when you talk about high-speed internet, you will still have to shell out a lot of money, only to get higher speed and unlimited upload and downloads. However, Billionaire Elon Musk has very different plans. He is all geared up to provide everyone with cheaper high-speed internet using the Starlink Public Beta. SpaceX has recently launched its 12th Starlink Mission, which brings the internet-beaming satellite constellation to just under 800. 

It would be adequate enough to deliver moderate coverage in North America. SpaceX will soon roll out the fairly wide public beta in the northern US and also southern Canada. They are also trying to expand the same to other countries as soon as they have regulatory approval. The beta stage is expected to provide the speed in gigabit, which will be a minimum of 1GBPS and a low latency of 25ms. Starlink would offer these internet speeds at $80 per month, which would be very competitive if you look at the broadband plans in other countries. 

SpaceX has launched almost 775 Linux powered Starlink Satellites till now and the satellite’s orbit at a distance of almost 500kms. With technology, SpaceX believes that they will be able to provide internet to people at better quality and cheaper prices. The prospects do look to be great and will be something the company will improve over time

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