SpaceX to launch their ship to Mars in 2024.

Space X, owned by the billionaire Elon Musk, is all set to send a spaceship to Mars. The billionaire has confirmed that the next window to reach Mars will open up in 2024 when the red planet will be closest to earth. The window appears after every two years, due to which they are planning to use the next window in 2022. The company was previously sending a robotic mission to Mars in 2020, followed by a crewed trip. 

However, the next generation of spaceship development has been delayed, due to which the spaceship will now be ready till 2023, giving the company the opportunity to launch the spaceship in 2024. This year July, the planets were closest to each other due to which three robotic missions were sent to Mars in July 2020, including NASA’s Perseverance rover. The company has been trying to create the new generation of Starship, which can carry dozens of people into space at one time. 

Elon Musk did confirm that they will be sacrificing a few ships on the way, but it will make sure that the development process finished in 2023 and we have the spaceship ready. Till now, the prototype has made short, low-altitude “hops” from the SpaceX test facility in Texas. They hope that the initial model will be able to edit the planet next year. Once they could demonstrate the refueling capacity, they will be making trips to the moon after 2022. However, these are just guesses and actual timing and dates will be released in the future.


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