Facebook adds DropBox and Koofr option in photo porting tools.

Facebook is really trying to add a lot of features to its platform and related tools. As per the new details, Facebook’s photo and video portability tool has added support for two more third-party services like DropBox and Koofr. The tech was launched last year by Facebook which allows them to directly upload the pictures to Google Photos. Although the global update to the feature was only provided in June, it seems like Facebook is ready to add a lot more functionality and third party support to the feature. Facebook users are now presented with three different options to transfer their photos. 

They can either transfer media to Google Photos, Dropbox, or Koofr. The company has already made it clear that more announcements regarding the partnership are going to be announced in the coming few months. The transfer tool is based on code developed via Facebook’s participation in the Data Transfer Project, which is also backed up by tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. To access the feature the user will have to log in to Facebook and simply go to ‘Your Facebook Information’ menu, and select ‘Transfer a copy of your photos and videos’. Once done, the platform will prompt you with three choices. 

You simply need to select one, enter the password and the photos will be uploaded to the selection made. Once the transfer is complete, you will also get the notification for the same. The transfer of the photos will completely be encrypted for security. It is also expected that the same feature will be available for Instagram users as well in the future. The step of porting the media from one platform to another will simply help in the expansion of the Facebook platform.

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