Apple is bringing back Touch ID built inside the display

With the iPhone 5S, Apple brought in the Touch ID function which was based on fingerprint recognition technology. However, after the company decided to launch the iPhone X series, they replaced the physical Touch ID button with the Face ID feature. It not only helped the company to reduce the bezel size on the display but also increase the screen size to the edge of the phone. Since then, Apple has been improving Face ID technology and has been using it on every device. 

However, with the innovation of in-display fingerprint scanners, a lot of people were expecting Apple to add the same feature back again, without compromising on the display size. Now it seems that Apple might be adding the feature to the upcoming iPhone 13 series this year. As per the reports, Apple is planning to add both Face ID and in-display Touch ID in the latest iPhone series that will launch this year. The main challenge that the company had to face was the use of LCD retina display. 

YouTube video

However, since the company has now adopted an OLED panel for display, the issue will no longer be a concern. The addition of the in-display Touch ID function will make unlocking the device a lot more easier and convenient for the users. The reports of Apple developing this feature has been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg as well. It is only a matter of time until the company confirms it and we get to look at it through leaks.

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