Facebook now allows cross-text between Instagram DM and Messenger.

Recently, Facebook made an announcement that the Direct Message feature of Instagram will be backed up by the Facebook Messenger engine and soon users will be able to use them as a single platform between both the apps. Now Facebook has officially announced that they will be merging the Instagram Messages with Facebook Messenger, which would allow the users to send messages cross-platform. Now the users will be able to send the messages from Instagram directly to Messenger and vice-versa. 

This would mean that people who have Instagram can send messages to people on Facebook, without even having to download the Messenger app on the phone. Also, the company has previously announced that Instagram Direct messages will get all the features that are currently available in the Facebook Messenger app, such as vanishing messages, selfie stickers, custom emoji, chat colors, and new ways to block unwanted messages. They have also launched a new feature called the “Watch Together” feature which would allow the users to watch the videos on IGTV and Reels with friends during a video call. 

The vanishing feature is something that you will see on both Facebook and Instagram and soon on WhatsApp as well, where the messages are deleted as soon as they are read. As mentioned before by the company that the update to the messaging platform is not a mandate and the user will get the option to update immediately or get the update later. The update is not yet available in all the countries but will soon be rolled out globally.

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