Instagram Direct Messages now work as Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has always emphasized on a single platform for all the apps to make things easier for the user. Ever SInce Facebook has taken over Instagram, they have been trying to make many features common between the two platforms. In the same way, the company has now decided to change the Direct message feature of Instagram to Facebook Messenger. In a post today, Instagram has explained the changes that the users are going to notice from now on. The Instagram direct messages will now be powered by Facebook Messenger and the messaging experience, message threads and calls will be accessible through both applications. 

The update to Instagram will also make sure that all the great features of Facebook Messenger will now be added to the Instagram direct message as well, such as reactions, chat colors, and even watching videos in sync with another person. Facebook will also be adding some new features to Instagram direct messaging such as Selfie stickers, that can be used as a reaction in Messenger, Watch together feature will now work with IGTV and there will also be a new “vanish” mode which deletes messages after they have been read. 

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The last one seems to be a similar feature that Facebook will be adding to WhatsApp as well. Now all these changes to Instagram will be visible in the app and the user does not have to mandatory download the Facebook Messenger app for this. Also, the users can decide on when to apply this feature on their app. If they do not wish to apply the changes now, they can simply select the “Not Now” option. The feature will be immediately rolled out in selected countries and later to the global market.

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