Facebook coming up with app E.gg to relive the early days of the Internet

Facebook has been working on many new things lately, and it has recently announced a new app that is very different from what users were expecting. The company will be launching the E.gg app, which is meant to relive when the internet was new, and the early web was still a mystery for users. The information that is provided in the About section looks like a Geocities webpage that was available in the early websites.

The page also has a 3D GIF image of a dancing Oogachacka Baby, one of the most popular screensaver and GIF of that time. It was also one of the first images to become a viral hit. As per the “New Product Experimentation” team of Facebook, E.gg brings out the same clumsy yet enlivening interface of simple bit graphics, gif, guestbook entries, and webpages created by people who wanted to create a space for themselves in the digital space.

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What this platform can be used for is creating collages media pages for fan sites etc. With the app on iOS, users will create a canvas that will have text, images, and GIF. For people who are interested in the app can follow it on Instagram as well. For those who want to relive the old nostalgia of the early internet where every new feature seemed unbelievable and un-imaginary, this would be perfect. The app will be launched very soon and can be installed by users globally. It will be available for both iOS and iPhone users.


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