Facebook brings new Vanish Mode to Messenger.

A few days back, Facebook-owned WhatsApp added a new feature to their platform called “Disappearing messages” where the messages disappear once the receiver has read it in their chat and closed the window. Similar to that feature, now Facebook messenger also has a new feature called “Vanish Mode“. As per the statement from Facebook, “The feature is best suited for memes, GIFs, stickers, or reactions that are cool when you send them, but you may not want them to stick in your chat history.” 

To use the feature, the user will have to swipe up on the phone in the existing chat window, which will take them to vanish mode. Also, if the user swipes up again, the regular chat window will return and the messages will not disappear. Initially, the new feature will be launched in the US market along with a few other countries, and later the feature will be launched in all the other EU countries as well. The same feature has already been implemented on Instagram and WhatsApp in the name of disappearing messages and the same will soon be present on Facebook Messenger very soon. 

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However, in order to send the vanishing feature in messenger, both the sender and receiver need to have this feature activated. The feature will not work in cases where either one of the parties has not activated the feature. Also, if the person takes the screenshot of the messages, the same is informed to the sender as well.


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