Live Streams on Facebook Messenger rooms with 50 users at once

Facebook has made a lot of different announcements about the update and news features for Facebook and Messenger. Just a few days back, Messenger got the new Screen Sharing update for Video calls and gave details about the cosmetic changes the Messenger app will go through. As per the new announcement from Facebook, it brings the Live streaming feature to Messenger rooms, and up to 50 people can watch it at once. It is a great way of integrating Facebook Live and Messenger rooms.

Whether you’re hosting a book club with friends, interviewing a panel of experts, teaching a fitness class, or broadcasting with your friends for fun, going live from a room lets you interact with audiences of any size.


With such a feature, the user Facebook Messenger for personal and professional will increase. The Messenger app has received a lot of new features over the last couple of months, due to which the usage of Messenger has increased many folds. With this feature added to the Messenger, it can now act as a type of virtual avenue required in this pandemic.

As per the company, Facebook Live broadcast has increased by double over the last month. It became necessary and essential to integrate this feature with the Messenger app. With over 50 people coming for the Live broadcast at once, the feature will be great for business people to connect with their customers and people to connect with their friends and family. 

During the broadcast, the room creator will have full control over things like who can view it, adding or removing participants, locking or unlocking the room and broadcast to page, profile, or group. The feature has started rolling out and will be available to all the users soon. Currently, the feature will be added to the web version of Messenger and Facebook. Later it will be added to the desktop and mobile version as well.


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