Facebook sued a man selling fake likes on Instagram

Facebook has always been strict about fake and false engagement on their platforms, which is not only wrong but also provides wrong data to the company regarding their business. Facebook has recently sued a person who was selling fake Instagram likes and comments on their Instagram platform. Facebook said that the issue has been filed under “fake engagement service“, against the service called Nakrutka. It used a network of bots and automation software to distribute fake likes, comments, views, and followers on Instagram. 

This is not the first time Facebook has filed such claims. In the past, the company has filed similar lawsuits against developers who misuse data or otherwise violate its terms of service. In the same year, the company sued a Spanish developer and a company in New Zealand in 2019 for selling fake likes on Instagram. Facebook claims that all the lawsuits are in accordance with the social network’s pledge and they will continue to take aggressive action against any such developer or company in the future as well. In a similar lawsuit, the company has also sued MobiBurn who used malicious software to collect Facebook data from users.

Facebook has made it clear that any third-party developer who is using Facebook or Instagram to collect users’ data for spamming or selling fake likes and comments will have to face very strict action. Users might see many ads where people claim to provide a number of subscribers and like using bots. Strict action will be taken against them and also people who are publicizing them.


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