FAU-G gets over 1 million pre-registration in just three days

A couple of days back, PUBG inspired game FAU-G came up for pre-registration on the Google Play Store for the Indian users and within a couple of days, the apps have seen over 1 million registration, showing the kind of excitement and wait people have for it. FAU-G is an upcoming Indian version of the PUBG mobile game, which is based on Indian soldiers and also has areas like Ladakh, Galwan Valley and more as landscapes players will be playing in. 

It seems like great news for developers nCore Games at the time when PUBG is likely to re-launch in the Indian market after all the pending requirements of the Indian government are completed. However, many users have also experienced a lot of issues while pre-registration, while they were unable to do so. nCore Games did acknowledge that and are trying to get the issue fixed. However, if that is true then the number of users should have been more if there was no issue. 

YouTube video

This seems to be a great start for the game which was released after the ban of PUBG in India as it was published by a Chinese company Tencent, leading to a ban in the Indian app market due to security and data privacy issues for the Indian users. It would be interesting to see how the new game FAU-G is able to provide a great experience when compared to PUBG as it was meant to be an Indian alternative for the users after PUBG.


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