Mobile Game FAU-G ratings are continuously dropping since launch

Before FAU-G was launched officially on January 26, 2021, it was one of the highly anticipated games in the Indian market after PUNG was banned. The game was able to get more than four million pre-registrations before the launch and also more than a million pre-registration 24 hours after it first appeared on the Google Play Store. The game without a doubt was able to stir a lot of excitement among the gamers and now the game is again in the news, but for the wrong reason.

There is no doubt that the gamers had a lot of expectations from FAU-G as it promoted itself as an alternative for PUBG. However, the gameplay was nothing like it. The game initially provided only campaign gameplay with limited features and options, with the other option like Battle Royale showing as coming soon. The game has started losing its popularity after the popular launch and from being 4.5 in rating at launch, it has been continuously deteriorating, which is currently 3.5. 

However, when checked there are a lot of controversies about the game as well. When checked it was found that most of the reviews were from people who have not even played the game or are dedicated fans of PUBG. However, the developer’s nCore Games are expecting that this issue will soon be resolved and the game will regain momentum in the future. Developers have already announced that they are currently working on new features of the game and will soon be adding a lot of new elements.


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