Fitbit Sense to have ECG support by year-end.

Fitbit is one of the most popular companies when it comes to wearable fitness devices. While Google has been trying to acquire Fitbit, the company has launched a set of new hardware for its wearable gadgets. The company’s new hardware will have a new and advanced health tracking mechanism with complete ECG support. As per the company, the new feature will be completely ready by the end of the year and will be available for the users in the form of a new smartwatch.

The company has not been able to use the same feature on the existing product or even new ones as it was not given clearance by the FDA in the US. However, it seems that it will change by the end of this year when the company will be able to develop the feature completely. The company cleared that they are currently in the final review stage of the feature and trying to check for any kind of bigs and optimisation that is required. The company is also confident that the clearance for this will be given by both US and Europe by the end of this year.

Other competitors like Samsung have not been able to get the same kind of clearance for the last two years. Only Apple, with months of trying, is currently the only smartwatch with clearance to the ECG feature. Adding the ECG feature and getting the clearance for the same in the US will defiantly add a lot of weight and preference for Fitbit products.

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