Fortnite has been removed from both App Store and Google Play Store

Epic Games “Fortnite” has been one of the best Battle Royale games ever and has been a tough competitor for games like PUBG. However, the game has now been completely removed by both the App Store and Google Play store. It was found that the game developers started adding their own payment platform for in-app purchases, which removes the payment platform of the Apple app store, which requires a 30% cut.

It is a mandate for any app developer that when they host their app on platforms like Google Play Store and App store, they cannot use their own payment system and will have to use either Google’s or Apple payment system, which will deduct 30% as the common or cut for hosting the apps and games. Fortnite developers quietly added their own payment method which bypassed the payment method from Apple. The issue was a case of mistrust and also Fortnite tries to avoid paying the 30% commission to in-app purchases.

Due to the breach of conditions and terms, Apple decided to remove the game from the platform. The same things happened with the Fornite app in Google Play Store as well and even they decided to remove it from their platform. The Epic games are now trying to convince the users to either download the app directly from the Epic website or through the app store of Samsung. In both ways, the developers are trying to make their app independent of any support from Apple and Google.

Google has mentioned that they are still in talks with the game developers and they will be happy to place the game back on the Play store if both of them agree on common terms. They also emphasized the equal treatment that every developer on Google Playstore will get, regardless of the popularity of the app.

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