GameStop restock Playstation 5 unit with long queue and waiting time spotted outside the store

Sony Playstation 5 is one of the most popular gaming consoles right now, which was launched in the Holidays last year. However, even since the launch of the new Playstation 5, there has been a shortage in the supply of the device, due to which customers are still unable to get their hands on the device. Sony has been trying to restock the Playstation 5 as soon as they can both online and in offline stores, but the demand is still higher, leading to disappointment for many customers who are looking to buy it.

However, it might be the end of this issue and the customers might be able to buy the console easily now. It has been reported that Sony is looking to resolve the restocking issue this month, which means there will be plenty of Playstation 5 across the world both online and offline for people to buy. Also, stores like GameStop have recently restocked plenty of Playstation 5 consoles out of nowhere. As soon as the information leaked, the store located across the US was flooded with customers and some were even able to have a look at the GameStop PS5 bundle.

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This led to a large queue with customers disappointed with the large waiting time. However, GameStop has already made it clear that they will be restocking more devices in the future as well and that it will now be readily available to thousands of customers. While the restocking issue seems to be resolved, Sony needs to keep this up to make sure that the restocking issues are also solved in other countries.

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