Xbox and Playstation are facing some serious restocking issues this holiday

As soon as the Xbox series X and Playstation 5 was launched, the company expected a lot of pre-orders and sales later ahead. However, both the companies are now suffering through a bad restock problem due to which the customers are unable to buy the latest gaming consoles. That is not the only problem they are dealing with right now. Black marketing of these consoles along with issues in the delivery from e-commerce websites like Amazon also created havoc among the customers when they were unable to receive the console on the day it was meant to. Both the companies assured people that they will be restocking the consoles before the holiday to have plenty of stock for people to buy from. 

But it seems that as the holidays are getting closer, the re-stocking issue is facing a downfall. The re-stocking is happening almost every day for these consoles with the primary stores being Best Buy, Walmart, Sony Direct, and the Microsoft Store. It should have solved the problem, but as soon as they are getting restocked, they are being sold out in minutes. Therefore, customers are still not able to get their hands on the new console as readily as the companies want to. The only option left now is the e-commerce website where they might get the chance of buying one, but even these websites are facing the same issues of re-stocking and delivery as well. 

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Issues in the UK were reported at the early launch where the customers received cutlery in the box instead of the console and in some places, the delivery was shown as completed while the customers did not receive it. Now people are expecting to get their hands on the consoles during this holiday but the current scenario does not seem to be as pleasing and it can be expected that the situation might get better till January 2021.


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