Garmin to add new features in its smart wearable, letting the track pregnancy status.

When it comes to smartwatches and fitness trackers, Garmin has been one of the most known and popular companies in this category. With the introduction of new devices, the company has been trying to add a lot of new features as well. Now the company has introduced a new feature that brings pregnancy tracking to the wearables and offers Kegel reminders and weight gain recommendations. The new feature is going to be a lot more helpful for pregnant women as it allows the users to track their pregnancy on a weekly basis and the baby’s growth patterns. 

The feature will be accessible to users through the Garmin Connect IQ app and can be enabled during the menstrual cycle section. When the feature has been enabled by the user, they can easily manage their training goals and get Kegel practice and hydration reminders. The feature was announced by Garmin through their blog post and has confirmed that the feature will be available on the Vivomove wearable range. However, we can expect the feature to launch in the future on other Garmin wearables as well. 

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To enable the feature one simply has to open the Garmin Connect app on the smartphone and go to User Settings > Women’s Health > Cycle Type > Pregnancy. It will also have other details like the last period, the current state of pregnancy, etc. After it has been enabled, it can be easily used on the smart wearable. Users can also add customized goals and reminders for better well being and tracking. It would also allow users to manually add baby movements and blood glucose levels.


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