The new No’Me app allows the user to manage multiple launcher apps

Android is one of the most used operating systems on smartphones, and what makes it more popular is the amount of customization allowed for the users. When it comes to Android customization, launchers are widely used among every user. They can provide a whole new look to the UI and help the user customize the arrangement of icons and apps.

However, since there is a large variety of launcher apps on the Google Play Store, it is almost impossible for the user to select the best one. The only option that the user has is to download and install each launcher and try it for themselves. Some users use multiple launchers as per the usage and switch between them whenever they want. 

However, this process is not only time consuming, but also eats up a lot of resources from your phone. It is why a new app has been launched, which is called “No’Me“”. The app allows the users to switch between multiple launchers with a single tap and manage different launchers form one app. This app does not charge any setting on the android operating system and makes launcher switching much easier.

The app has been made by XDA Senior Member Nx Biotic and is available on Play Store and XDA labs. The apps allow the user to access the launcher information in use, including details like permissions, providers, services, activities, receivers, build number, and version info. It also helps to build a shortcut for installed launchers and identify launchers compatible with quick switch.

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