Garmin launches Forerunner 55 smartwatch in India

One of the best fitness wearable company Garmin has recently launched Forerunner 55 smartwatch in India at a price tag of Rs 20,990. The watch has been specifically designed and launched for beginners who want to track their stats and fitness goals. The smartwatch has been launched in three different colors of aqua, black, and Fonterra grey. The watch is currently available to purchase from both offline and online stores and will come with any features. 

The smartwatch has all the necessary features like GPS, heart monitor, health tracking especially for women, and tracking features for the race. As per the Director of the company, the smartwatch has been designed in such a way that it will help in customizing the fitness plans for the users and achieving them in the best possible manner. It features multiple running modes and will provide stats that will help the users to improve their performance regularly. It will detect all the necessary stats like time, distance, heart rate, etc to make sure that you get approximate results that can be compared to improve the performance. 

It also provides reminders to the users as to when their body is stressed out and when they need to relax with breathing exercises. The watch some specific features for female users as well where they can track their menstrual cycles and pregnancy data. More such features will also be available through the Garmin app. You can also download customized watch faces and run the watch for at least 14-15 days on a single charge.


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