Google will add Snapseed’s UI changes to Photo editor function

Google has been trying to make a lot of improvements to its Android operating system to make it much more efficient on a smartphone that does now have a high-end specification. In the same attempt, Google is now redesigning the editor UI in photos. The new design is said to be much smoother and faster as it will not carry forward the UI which was icon heavy. The design of the new UI will be able to use text over icons, which will take fewer resources and loading time. 

The new UI theme has been inspired by the Snapseed editing app, which is also owned by Google. The major difference that one will be able to notice in the new design is the addition of a text button like Crop and Filters, which was visible as only icons in the previous version. It made recognizing the functions a little difficult for the users. It will simply help the users to identify the functions instead of guessing and trying out each before selecting the correct one. These changes were not announced by Google themselves, but the images for the same have been leaked online on Twitter. 

There is no saying as to when the new UI design for editing in Photos will be live, but it is expected to be featured through an update in a month or soo. Apart from that, the company is also working on adding a lot of new elements in the gallery to declutter a large number of photos.

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