Google adds new editing features in the Photos app.

Google has recently rolled out a new update for its Photos apps in which the users will now have a much better and more powerful editing tool. Google had been making a lot of visual changes to the photo editing tools and did make a few statements on how they will be improving the in-built photo editing apps with more options and many powerful tools. Now the new feature update will come with smart suggestions and easy-to-use granular adjustment. These new improvement features will not only make editing the photos easier but will also allow the users to make more modifications in terms of color, saturation, and overall look of the photos. 

Google has also added a new tab in the editor that uses machine learning that provides the user with suggestions about the photo they are editing. Since it is based on machine learning, the suggestion given will be very particular to the specific photo you will be editing. The suggestion can be implemented in one tap and does come with stunning results, which would make the editing job much easier. You will simply need to do a single tap, rather than changing all the settings by yourself. Now, you will find it much easier to apply granular edits, like brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, and more. 

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Also, the new version of the photo editing app does make the user quickly scroll through the option to get what they need or find new options. Google has also launched a new Portrait Light mode in new Pixel devices which improves the lighting on the face when you try to take a portrait in low light.


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