Google adds “Black-Owned” to business attributes for the search listing

The black movement’s support has been getting strong these days, and Google has also jumped in to show the support. Last month, Google CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned that Google is creating new solutions and ideas for the Black Community’s long-term support. In the efforts, Google has added a new attribute “Black-Owned” for black-owned businesses in Maps’ search listing.

As per Google, there is a recent surge in search for black-owned businesses, due to which Google decided to add it as an attribute for listings. The feature has been made a life for all the business profiles which have already been verified. The feature is highlighted in Maps and Search, where it is represented by an image with three orange lines and a black heart in the middle.

The sign is added alongside the “Women-Led” and “LGBTQ-friendly” attributes. Google is also partnering with  U.S. Black Chambers, Inc., on specific training designed to raise presence by leveraging tools like My Business and Analytics. Google also revealed that they received many suggestions for the same as well, such as Google Assistant response to the “Black Lives Matter” term.

It does seem like Google is investing a lot of time and resources on the Black lives issue and will be coming up with more new ideas related to this issue. Google has been trying to raise a lot of awareness related to this matter and create new opportunities for black-owned businesses.

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