Google brings in Google Assistant driving mode.

Google Assistant has been going through a lot of changes recently and Google has been trying to add a lot of new features to the platform to make it more useful for the users. In 2019, Google announced its Google Assistant driving mode which now seems to be finally rolling out to Android smartphones. The new feature will work as an alternative to the Android Auto app on smartphones. A couple of weeks ago, users noticed a new navigation UI in Google Maps, which was a part of the feature. 

The future is now available on some of the most popular smartphones like Google Pixel 4, the LG Velvet, and the ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro. The feature is not yet available on all the devices but is expected to be rolled out globally in a few days. The UI of the driving mode looks completely changed and different from the UI that was announced in the 2019 event. It might be possible that the feature we have on the smartphones right now is still under development and the interface might change with updates in the future. 

The feature will work similarly to what an auto app works like, with the big icons and shortcuts on the screen for you to easily use it with one touch. The latest version is currently available on Google Play Store and you can download and install it, in case you want to try it immediately. Also, Google can make the official announcement about this feature soon, giving more details about the available features.

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