Google adds HDR capabilities on the Camera Go app

When it comes to Google Apps on smartphones with low-end hardware, Google tries to keep the light of the app so that it does not occupy a lot of resources from the phone while running smoothly as a normal app. However. Google has recently been trying to revamp their apps and add more features to even the lighter versions of the app. Now Google Camera app is known as one of the best photography apps in the Android ecosystem but the features for the app are limited to mid-range and high-range phones.

While Google has the Camera Go app for low-end phones, it keeps things too basic. In October, Google added the Night Mode to the Camera Go app, further improving the camera image capabilities on budget mobiles. Now, the company has added yet another feature to the app, which is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode. With HDR capabilities on the Android Go Camera app, the budget segment smartphones will be able to take much better photos with better details and a wider exposure range.

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With this change, the Camera Go app will be able to take near-accurate colors of the subject be it in the dark and bright sunlight. Google is currently working on more features that could be added to the Camera Go app, and soon the company will be announcing those as well. For now, we can expect the Android Go phones to have much better and feature-rich apps in the future, which will still be focused on using fewer resources on low-end hardware phones.

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