Google to allow third-party app stores in Android 12.

Ever since the issue of App stores has come into the limelight, users have come to think about whether App Store and Google Play store are using their authority over the market to play as per their rules. It is not something that only the users feel, but many of the popular social media and app companies have also agreed to the fact that Google and Apple have a monopoly over the app stores and how the app is being modified to their will to be on the platform. Many people think that there should be options for users to download the app through multiple app stores. 

However, the current scenario does not allow users to have any other app store on Apple and Android devices. However, the latest development from Google does show a different side of the coin. The company has assured everyone that the Android 12 version will have the capability to use any third-party app store, something that will be available next year. The changes are still under development and it is not clear as to when they will be available to the user. Google states that it will be allowing third-party app stores, without compromising on Android security for users. 

Also, Google will continue to charge a 30% commission and fees on the apps on Google Play Platform and in-app purchases. he new features could be a great addition for app developers who do not want to pay the commission fee for any in-app purchases and want to use their own billing system.


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