Google apps work differently in iOS 15

Apple has globally released iOS 15 and iPADOS 15 for global users which focus more on the privacy and security of the user data. As soon as the new operating system was launched and installed by the users, it was found out that many of the Google apps were working in a new way than they were in iOS 14. It is said that the Google apps will be taking the advantage of capabilities that iOS 15 offers. Many of the Google apps are working slightly differently on iOS 15 and one of the changes is the Focus mode. 

It has been designed to eliminate any kind of distraction and eliminate certain notifications when active. It would replace the Do Not Disturb feature. Now when this mode is active, Google Apps are expected to work in a different way, which does not disturb the users with unnecessary notifications. Apart from this, Google apps now have a new set of widgets as well, which provides a new way of finding content on Spotlight. The widgets are also bigger and better in visual design. 

The changes can also be seen in the Youtube app, where Google has made it easier to search for a song on Youtube using Spotlight. With the update, if the user searches for a song in the spotlight, it will directly play on Youtube. It is clear that Google has optimized all their apps on the iOS 15 platforms to make them better and more efficient for the users. So, if you have still not installed iOS 15, then it might be the right time to do so.

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